Become A Safe Space

Making Change is creating a network of Safe Spaces for LGBTQ+ youth who have been displaced and have nowhere else to go.

The Reason

There are thousands of LGBTQ+ youth who are displaced and do not have a safe space to go.

We want to create a system to fix that, so they can get the help they need and have a safe space to get back on their feet.

Your home

We will work with a network of people who offer their homes as a safe space.

We will require background checks, references, ID verification, and other things. That way we can be certain that it’s a safe space for kids.


Our website (and app in the future) will use geolocation to show kids nearby places via Google Maps. We’ll have a system for them to reach out to nearby places for help.

We will raise funds via donations to help us build our network and maintain our website/app.


Safety is extremely important to us.
Our system will require the kids to check-in, and check out when they come in contact with anyone in our network.

These check-ins and check-outs will require a picture.

It will also show us where they are checking in and out.

Our Family

We are just your normal mixed family with extra grandmas and loads of animals (we have a habit of rescuing abandoned animals).
Growing up as an entrepreneur in a small conservative town I always had ambitious dreams. Marrying a black woman with 2 moms and starting our own family was definitely an eye-opening experience!
Now I have focused (as well as you can with severe ADHD) my ambition on creating a system to help LGBTQ+ youth when they need it the most!

Let’s make the world a better place together.

Become a safe space

Creating Safe Spaces

Everyone deserves to have a safe space and have people they can reach out to when they need someone to lean on.

We want to create that for the LGBTQ+ youth.