Donation Details

Donation Details!

Together we can help the LGBTQ+ youth find a safe place when they have been displaced.

90% of your donation goes directly towards the cause while the other 10% covers administrative expenses (website maintenance, fees, all that good stuff). We’re very transparent, so you’ll see exactly what we are doing along the way!

Projected Expenses


The website expenses include hosting, plugins, and general maintenance.

$500 Annually


We plan on running various ad campaigns to raise awareness for our cause.

$1,000 Annually


We want to build an app that will function alongside our website. That way it’s easy to use and quick to find when you need it.

$TBD (once)


Admins will help review incoming safe home applications and the various paperwork
Customer Service Reps will help maintain contact with users and safe homes, making sure everyone is doing okay.
Payroll will depend on how quickly we grow and how many people we need to accomplish our goal.

$TBD Annually

Our Promise

Our goal is to help LGBTQ+ youth find a safe space when they are in need.
Our promise is to continue doing it for the right reasons.

We’ll always be 100% transparent with where funds go and what we have accomplished with them.

We’ll always be 100% transparent with our goals and how we want to accomplish them. Our Donations Details page will be continuously updated with more info! 🙂

We want to make the world a better place, and that is something one person cannot do alone. We want to be the platform to bring people together, so we can be making change as a people.

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Homeless Veterans

In the USA there are roughly 40,000 homeless veterans. Whether they have struggled with addiction or anything else, they deserve better.

We have already built a plan to help homeless veterans get back on their feet and have access to the resources they need!

Donation Details

Foster Kids

Here in the USA, we have millions of homeless children. Many age out of foster care and have nowhere else to go.
With no resources and no one to lean on, they often struggle to make it on the streets.

Helping children who have aged out of foster care is something we plan on incorporating into our system to help the homeless veterans get back on their feet.